Featuring high quality HDMI cables and HDMI adapters that are substantially cheaper yet have the EQUIVALENT performance (both in respect to video and audio quality) as cables costing two to three times the price in retail stores (such as Monster Cables)  -- you will NOT find better performing HDMI cables then the one’s I carry!

Also available are numerous other cables, such as subwoofer cables, digital audio cables, etc. 

Please use the side bar on the left to choose the cable category type you are interested in.

Please note:  If you are looking for cheaply made cables (or non-performance certified HDMI cables) then there are plenty of other sellers on CraigsList selling those cheaper made cables. Your local dollar store also likely has the equivalent of those cheaply made cables. I only sell quality made cables that feature high performance that rivals certain expensive retail brands.

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Located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, come visit Vancouver’s best HDMI cable reseller!

You can call or text me at 604-710-6157 or email me at HDMIguy.ca@gmail.com .

Local pickup only – sorry no deliveries.  Please call in advance to arrange a pickup time as I am not a retail store.

Also note that part of my work sometimes leaves me out of cellphone range for a few hours (and hence I am not always at the location where the cables are) so if I don't answer the phone please leave either a voicemail, text message or email.

If you look at the map in the “Contact Us” section you can see where my place is located.

Thank you.