About Us


Located in downtown Vancouver, the HDMI guy features high quality HDMI cables and HDMI adapters that are substantially cheaper then equivalent performing cables (such as Monster Cables) found in retail stores.

Also available are numerous other home theater cables, such as: Mini DisplayPort and Thunderbolt to HDMI Adapters, DVI to HDMI adapters, subwoofer cables, Toslink / Optical and SPDIF digital audio cables, headphone and RCA audio cables, etc. 

Come visit Vancouver's best HDMI cable reseller - the HDMIguy!


With nearly two decades of experience in the industry, the TV Guy isn't just someone who merely works his craft, he is also an avid hobbyist in any and all things audio-visual. This allows him to bring a level of knowledge that few in the industry can rival.

Having worked for a major retailer before going into business for himself, the TV Guy has a plethora of experience that he brings to each and every consultation and installation job -- you are in good hands with the TV guy!