Clearance Video Cables

HDMI 1.4 Cables - 1080P Certified

3 feet:   $5 (selling below my cost!)
6 feet:   $7 (selling below my cost!)
10 feet:   $10 (selling below cost!)
10 feet:   $15 (in-wall certified)

All cables feature gold-plated connectors.

These are Certified High Speed HDMI Cables version 1.4 (aka 10.2 Gbps). These cables deliver maximum performance for the “Full HD Resolution” specification known as 1080p.

Please note: while these HDMI Cables were designed for 1080p, they will also deliver 100% maximum performance with any HDMI enabled device that uses 1080i, 720p, 480p or 480i signals.

Please note: I am selling these cables below my wholesale cost price in order to clear out all remaining inventories, so no further discounts will be offered.

(For a full list of HDMI 1.4 specifications click here.)

Port Saver – 8 inch

HDMI Port Saver, Price:   $5 (selling at my wholesale cost price to reduce inventories!)

This 8 inch long HDMI Port Saver helps to put less stress on the internal ports of your devices. If you have a very snug fit to one of your HDMI ports or if you are wall mounting your TV this little adapter cable will help to prevent HDMI connection problems of having cables come loose or being bent to sharply near the HDMI port.

(Please note this is a male-to-female cable so it will work with any standard male-to-male HDMI cable like what I am selling above.)